Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven | Wishful Doing Foundation
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Wishful Doing Foundation

In order to achieve the objectives of Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven from a non-profit basis, The Wishful Doing Foundation has born. The Wishful Doing Foundation supports practical initiatives within the themes nature, science, education and society. In addition to these topics is the starting point of the foundation that the projects must have a creative, innovative or crafts. The Foundation wants to enable concrete results. We do not believe in wishful thinking and therefore support the DOING.

The knowledge and experience of Tjeerd Veenhoven about the PalmLeather Project
has been converted into an educational program, which is financed by the Rabobank Share4More Foundation.

Our vision is that by using the Design Thinking approach, natural fibers and traditional crafts can revive in India, giving them a good chance to survive in the fast-growing consumer market, where the products come from far away, at low prices, mostly of low quality and are harmful to the ecosystem and cultural heritage of India.

More information about the Wishful Doing Foundation an the PalmLeather Education Project can be found at:

Consultancy, Education