Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven | Various Products
Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven is a product design studio, however in a very different way. We design value chains, from raw material all the way up to product and the consumer experience. Because our projects are so new, different and sometimes radical we like to experiment, test and design the entire value chain to finish with a Proof of Principle.
Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven, Tjeerd Veenhoven, Groningen, Palmleer, palm leather, huis veendam, material development, Sustainable Business, Global Change Award, social entrepreneur, social entrepreneurship and sustainability
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Various Products


A self initiated project to design the world cheapest power generating windmill designed with toy components and PET bottles as wind blades.


Bio-compostable plastic decorated not with those unavoidable thinner based inks but with flower petals with a innovative laminating technique.


A serene float across a pond in the midst of a busy summer festival.
With Lambert Kamps.


We’ve been spending 2 years perfecting a casting technique to copy a plant in rubber in all its detail and perfection. This is the 52nd attempt. Success!


A single cast seamless rubber chair stripped of all that I thought was not needed. Surprisingly comfortable due to its ergonomics and material properties.


Blending 100+ inhabitants of the city of Groningen in one sculpture. A 5 meter high relief on the façade of the municipality building.
With Lambert Kamps.


So comfortable.


Everything nature has to offer pressed onto cards.


Conceptual prototype that we’ve designed. Even though it is not working in this
shape or form somehow obscure copy’s of the iFan are available on some even more obscure gadget online shops.


The protection of our country against the sea has been a century long battle. This is a scale model of 1 of 60+ pylons that was placed in the Oosterschelde to hold the sluice doors. A concrete miracle.


My wishful plan to safe a small ecological bird sanctitude in the center of Groningen. I did not match the ideas of the local government.

WTWD (Wishful Thinking, Whisful Doing)

Light Sculpture for Schipper Bosch in Amersfoort.
We share the same view on making thinks happen: not too much wishing, a lot of doing!