Silver Filigree

SSSSST – Silver Security Shield Stop Signal Transmission

Using the ancient craft of Silver Filigree to construct a new category of silver craft products to protect us from electromagnetic radiation and enables us to shield ourselves from the endless digital information bombardment by choice. Any silver container made from the filigree craft is in effect a Faraday Cage, interrupting the continuation of the electromagnetic signal. We see filigree craft specialists designing and fabricating decorative but highly functional Faraday Cage products, a completely new product direction.

The pressure of the ubiquitously digital environment pushes us to our physical limits – some of us have developed a high sensitivity to the electromagnetic radiation of the Wi-Fi networks, cellphone towers, electrical conduits and powerlines as the pulse of the wireless world permeates their bodies. Our existence is transformed day by day under the influence of what we do not see, but modifies our behavior, guides our choices, gives or denies us access to spaces, or shapes our tastes. We’ve enabled a game of hide and seek with the machines and systems who, through invasion of our privacy, constantly try to seize control of our bodies, our relationships, and our actions. Despite the strangeness of this post-private life we’ve come to discover that what has been seen can, in fact, be unseen. It has given way to alternative forms of living. We believe that modern craftsmanship can give a meaningful response to those problems and be one of the agents of awareness and positive change.

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