Palmleather – Product



Over the past 12 years many different products have been designed and produced from Palmleather, footwear, interior decorations and even fashionable bags. It all started with the Palmetti, a compostable hospitality disposable sandal for hotels and resorts to replace the current white mixed plastic disposable sandal, a good example of a product we should not want.
Currently several products are still being produced in the cottage factory in Shivamoga, India, thanks to our dear friend and entrepreneur Suresh at Parna Creations.

STV is constantly generating new applications for Palmleather and over the past years we developed a new method by slicing the leave in thin strips to produce rugs and acoustic paneling. This novel application opens up a great amount of creative possibilities.
Currently the rugs are produced in sizes of 100 x 200 cm and are 10 mm thick.
They can be colored with our natural stainers.
When used as a rug we advice application in areas of low intensive use such as bedrooms.



The rugs can be cleaned with brush of vacuum cleaner.
When used vertically there are not many limitations. They can be applied on curved surfaces and have great acoustic properties.
The rugs are handmade in the Netherlands and India by specialized craft workers.