Mycelium – Textile



STV presents SashiFungi, a speculative sustainable textile made from the waste of oyster mushroom cultivation.
STV has been researching this fungus and its mycelium for 4 years to investigate whether there are more applications for both the mushroom and the residual flows released during cultivation.
Currently several applications have been developed such as building materials, packaging products, and fiber extraction. Through various studies, STV has worked towards a speculative concept for sustainable textiles made from very thinly sliced ​​oyster mushroom base.
The research showed that there is still a lot of growth potential in the Oyster Mushroom Foot, which means that the mycelium can continue to grow even after harvest and processing. With this in mind, STV makes special collages from the material and lets it grow back together in controlled conditions, resulting in a special textile-like material.


Materials, Research