Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven | Carbon Strand Bike
Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven is a product design studio, however in a very different way. We design value chains, from raw material all the way up to product and the consumer experience. Because our projects are so new, different and sometimes radical we like to experiment, test and design the entire value chain to finish with a Proof of Principle.
Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven, Tjeerd Veenhoven, Groningen, Palmleer, palm leather, huis veendam, material development, Sustainable Business, Global Change Award, social entrepreneur, social entrepreneurship and sustainability
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Carbon Strand Bike

Carbon Strand Bike Ordinary

Carbon Strand Bike Ordinary

This bike is made by mounting parts of a bike into a jig and running carbon wires drenched in epoxy resin between them. After a while the resin sets and the parts are united again. This all in an attempt to come up with new forms and shapes. Carbon in itself is not a very complicated material, often it is the weave that makes it high tech. Many of these woven materials are used in high tech products, to provide a better strength vs weight ratio. Of course this brings much joy to engineers and provides consumers with many more options. However in this case the carbon is not parse intended as an high tech material, but more as a problem solving material that is real easy to apply giving more freedom to create.
Imagine this technique is used to string together wheelchairs together in poorer parts of the world, after all there is just 8 euro worth of carbon in this bike.

Carbon Strand Bike Chrome

Collecting old second hand chrome parts of bicycles for the last year. This type of chrome is not being produced anymore, to toxic in production. Nevertheless the have a beautiful deep shine, much intenser than the polished aluminium parts. All these different parts are strung together with carbon strands and ‘frozen’ by epoxy resin. This special edition is created to replace the original Carbon Strand Bike that has been on show in the Connecting Concepts exhibition that has travelled the world promoting Dutch Design and Design Thinking. This exhibition, together with the new bike will travel to other countries but has made a short stop at the DesignHuis Eindhoven, Holland.