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Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven is a product design studio, however in a very different way. We design value chains, from raw material all the way up to product and the consumer experience. Because our projects are so new, different and sometimes radical we like to experiment, test and design the entire value chain to finish with a Proof of Principle.
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Lisdodde for Better Wetter

Better Wetter

Better Wetter is a program for future-proof water management in the Northeast of the Dutch province Friesland. The program consists of new ecological and economic support to develop a wetland environment.

One of the main goals was to put “Het Brûsplak”, a knowledge centre in nature area “It Bûtefjild” north of Feanwâlden, for practical water management. In “It Bûtefjild” test or done with wet crops and other intelligent forms of water management for new economic uses. The knowledge centre connects regional issues with education and research.

We designed a building that responds to its watery surroundings and the typical architecture of the region. A former shipping container is transformed beyond recognition by Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven to a surprising and inspiring place to work or meet. Het Brûsplak is the place to get inspired and come up with new solutions, not only by experts, but also, and above all, by people from the region. It also forms a good starting point for tourist and recreational activities in the beautiful surroundings of “It Bûtefjild.

Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven is working on value creation for the Cattail, a wetlands plant that might be a valuable crop in the future. At the moment we are working on five different business cases with high potential:

Old recipes and forgotten uses have brought us to a number of special culinary preparations of cattail, using different parts of the plant.

Insulation Materials
Cattail fluff has an excellent insulation and can be especially when combined with for example hemp be a high-quality insulation material.

Equally interesting is the use of cattail fluff in combination with mycelium, or hyphae as a regional packaging material in consumer products.

Decorative Panels
The company HuisVeendam immortalized crops into decorative panels. The Cattail, large and small, can be processed with this durable technique into decorative panels.

Water retention
The high and rapid absorption of the cattail and its root systems can be deployed to cope with the effects of global warming in the Netherlands.